Work Packages 1–9

Work Package 9

Application and Transfer - all

The goal of this work package was to support key stakeholders in preparing and conducting a ‘Project Results Implementation Plan’ according to the developed long term strategies “2030” and the plans “2015-2020”. For this aim the key stakeholders regarding implementation (NIAPP, DONRE, DARD + others) were equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to implement the strategies developed in WP8 and to conduct adequate monitoring and evaluation during the implementation phase, to support their capacities to use the data base and modeling and to maintain the stakeholder dialogue. For this purpose the staff at partner institutions were trained systematically by various members of the research consortium. Another important task in this final phase of the project was the development of policy recommendations for the central planning institutions at the national level.
For this aim a major workshop showing the methodology and the results of the project was organized in Hanoi. Finally the whole experience of the project was compiled as a case study for teaching purposes (university and training courses on natural resources management and planning).
A communication process with national and local actors has been lead and moderated by the project. Lessons learned from this experience are translated in technical and policy recommendations and facilitate the implementation of similar activities in other parts of the country. Transfer of knowledge also happens through specific training courses and capacity building for REDD implementation activities.

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