Work Packages 1–9

Work Package 1


Coordination and collaboration with German and Vietnamese partners and stakeholders

ITT and VAWR as coordinating units carried out the project management, implemented the collaborative scientific concept of the project and facilitated the communication between the German and Vietnamese partners as well as with the involved institutions and stakeholders. Their task was to assure that the objectives of the project were met and to support the involved German and Vietnamese research teams while conducting research in Vietnam and in the study region in particular. ITT scheduled and supported the overall work flow, organized and conducted yearly project workshops in Germany and Vietnam, realized the project communication, assured standard management tasks and finance controlling.
The establishment of stakeholder platforms for different administrative levels was another important task.

Different objectives have been achieved:

  • One project staff permanently stayed in the LUCCi project house in Da Nang and was responsible for facilitating the communication with the local partners.
  • A project house with a project office has been rented in Da Nang and one office in Tam Ky at DARD.
  • Cooperation agreements with PPCs in Quang Nam and Da Nang provinces were signed and the general permission for the field work of LUCCi researchers have been issued.
  • A LUCCi GIS-template was agreed upon and is now stored on VGTB RBIS.
  • Additional climate stations and rain gauges have been installed in order to improve the data availability.
  • Multiparameter water quality and conductivity sensors have been installed.
  • Agricultural experimental fields have been implemented for the evaluation of GHG and production constraints.
  • A laboratory for GHG analysis was installed at the HUAF.
  • Available information was delivered to the GLUES Consortium, which has many interactions with the LUCCi project.

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