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Work Package 8

Strategy development - all

After evaluating the various scenarios, strategies for future land use planning were developed together with all relevant stakeholders. The indicators used for the scenario development were used as an orientation to combine the relevant results of research during the first three years of the project. The indicators comprised factors which were able to quantify the planners preference and values and included aspects like economic development, maintenance of environmental services, climate change mitigation (REDD), aesthetic values, disaster risk etc. They needed to be harmonized with the overall economic planning process in the watershed (DARD, DONRE, Peoples Committee).
The long term strategy “Sustainable Land Management 2030” for the Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin has been developed with these partners and a plan for implementation for the period 2015 – 2020 has been drafted. The process developed in this phase was elaborated and documented as a tool which can serve as spatial decision support system for strategic land use planning. Presentation to stakeholders from local and national authorities of identified main pressures on land-use through water-related climate change impacts as well as management options to cope with those impacts; joint development of adaptation strategies. A series of stakeholder workshops were organized for this purpose (EEE).

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